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When I was getting a divorce, I was really confused about all the legal proceedings and the exorbitant amount of paperwork. But thanks to the guidance provided by the Divorce Bureau, I have been able to sail through the difficult circumstances with relative ease!

Finley Wall

I certainly recommend the voluminous legal information and advice relating to divorce, that has been provided on the website of the Divorce Bureau. Their efforts with respect to spreading awareness about the legal aspects of divorce are highly appreciable.

Robert Pearce
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Getting a divorce in itself is an emotionally draining experience, and when the legal mandates add on to the process, it becomes all the more unbearable. Fortunately, websites like the Divorce Bureau make the legal process easier to understand!

"The Divorce Bureau: The One-Stop Legal Advice and Guide to Getting a Divorce"

For anybody who wants to get a divorce, it is necessary be well aware of all the legal aspects of the process, the various judicial proceedings and the paperwork that is required. At the Divorce Bureau, we understand that the process of separating from your spouse is itself an emotionally traumatic experience and we definitely do not want the legal formalities to add on to your woes. Therefore, our constant efforts are aimed at ensuring that we simplify the legal understanding of the process as much as possible for you, and present a precise, crisp and short version of important things that you need to keep in mind in order to have a hassle-free divorce.

The Nuances of Filing a Divorce Petition

The first major step of getting a divorce is the filing of a divorce petition, which is a legal document that encompasses the reason or reasons why you want to get a divorce, and thereon, the same needs to be submitted to the court. If the presiding judge finds the reasons that you have mentioned valid enough to get a divorce, your petition will be accepted by the judge and sent forward to your spouse in the form of a notice. In order to find out the essentials of writing and filing a divorce petition, please register with us today, and gain access to our valuable database of information absolutely free!

Handling the Financial Aspects of a Divorce

1. When it comes to reaching a financial settlement as far as a divorce is concerned, the best option is to reach a settlement with your partner, outside the court. However tough it might seem to be, it is indeed the most viable option, considering that you will save on a lot of time and unnecessary paperwork.

2. No matter what kind of decision you decide to take on a collective basis, it is also important to enforce the same in writing, so that in case there is any dispute later, you always have a supporting document to prove your claims to the property or money.

3. However, if you are not able to come to an amicable solution with your partner, it becomes necessary to approach the court for dividing your financial assets.

4. There are a number of factors that the presiding judge will take into account before giving out a ruling on the same. These include the age of both the partners, the total value of the property and money, the living expenses of the partners, their individual earning capacities and the custody of the child or children.

5. If there is a situation wherein you are not satisfied with the court’s verdict, you can apply for a financial order.

Child Maintenance 

The cost of raising and taking care of the child or children is a major decision as far as any divorce proceeding is concerned. Once again, a family-based arrangement is the best way ahead, but in case this does not work out, a child maintenance court order will be released through the court.